About Us


Meet the Owners!

Since our twin boys were diagnosed with autism at the age of two, we have met many great people, such as their teachers and therapists, who have dedicated their lives to helping children like ours. And we are very grateful for them. We have also met many families who share our experience and challenges.

Like many of these families, we are constantly searching for more opportunities for our children to find places where they can be active, safe, and worry-free. Where we, as their parents, don’t have to feel anxious and worried about the next meltdown and the reactions from others who don’t share our experience. Many of the existing play areas in our region are structured in ways that don’t work well for our boys, as our boys don’t understand and can’t follow all the rules like a typical child would. We realize that this is not unique, and we’ve heard that same message from many of you during our first Autism Speaks Walk. There is a need in our community to help special needs children who could benefit from an environment that is more geared towards them. For these reasons and more, we are so excited to bring the We Rock the Spectrum to our area.

We Rock the Spectrum is a gym for all kids. We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and fun environment to foster learning, exploration and safe sensory experiences. We’re so excited to open our doors and begin serving the Seattle community.

Our Gym Includes:

  • Suspended equipment with swings – for balance and vestibular treatment
  • Crash mats and crash pillows – for fun, motor planning, and strength
  • Zip line – for stress release and joint and body relaxation
  • Trampoline – for building leg and core strength
  • Indoor play structure – for climbing and increasing playground skills
  • Sensory-based toys – for improved auditory processing and fine motor skills
  • Fine Motor and Arts and Crafts Area – for improved hand-eye coordination